Heath Mobile Unit

MobileGuard™ - Advanced Vehicle Leak Detection System

The MobileGuard gas leak detection system consists of a methane/ethane analyzer, GPS, a sonic anemometer and proprietary leak detection software that presents real-time geospatial maps of multiple gas concentrations. The software’s sophisticated leak detection algorithm combines the system’s measurements of gas concentrations (CH4, C2H6), local coordinates (GPS) and local wind velocity (sonic anemometer) to estimate the leak location. Readings are stored in the device and can be transmitted in real-time to the Cloud for centralized monitoring.

The MobileGuard gas leak detection system uses ABB’s patented LGR Off-Axis Integrated Cavity Output Spectroscopy (OA-ICOS) technique which has a sensitivity and precision more than 3,000 times greater than legacy methods. This enables identification of leaks several hundred feet away from the source.


The PS500 can be tailored to detect up to five gases with its toxic and catalytic sensors, photo ionization detectors and infrared capabilities. Plug-and-play option allows the customer to plug-in a new board with a different gas range.

The PS500 is particularly useful in noisy environments, featuring a very loud (95dBA) penetrating and distinctive audible alarm together with high visibility large area visual alarm.  Pump, diffusion or both together, allowing pumped sample for pre-entry checking and diffusion in confined space working, thus maximizing battery life.  A robust, molded, rubberized casing guaranteeing hi-impact resistance, the PS500 can be used in the most demanding environments.

RMLD-Remote Emissions Monitor (RMLD-REM)

The HEATH RMLD-Remote Emissions Monitor (RMLD-REM) is based on our highly successful RMLD technology and allows for 24/7 leak monitoring of a facility. Permanent laser-based open-path alarms can detect and mitigate small to potentially explosive leaks. The sensor is currently in field tests at several facilities across the United States.


Survey Tracker

The Heath Survey Tracker provides utility companies the opportunity to log mobile leak survey data and GPS locations of all natural gas leaks detected.

Data recorded includes:

  • Username
  • Date
  • Time
  • Location – based on GPS
  • Alarm Levels
  • Leak Detection Level
  • Speed of Vehicle

Gasurveyor 700 Multi-Gas Detectors

The Gasurveyor 700 series is a highly configurable, user-friendly, infrared gas detection device suitable for all gas utility applications. The natural gas discrimination feature allows you to quickly determine the source of the gas, whether it’s a pipeline gas leak or naturally occurring biogas; saving time and reducing detection related costs. The Gasurveyor offers data-logging functionality with optional GPS mapping to simplify data gathering. The cloud based Instrument Management System (IMS) provides access to field usage reports, calibration history, investigation mapping and more.

Features Include:

  • LEL & Volume Gas (infrared)
  • Optional sensors including: PPM, O2, CO, H2S
  • Barhole mode – configurable
  • Soft-key operation
  • Communication: IrDA & optional Bluetooth
  • 360° Alarms
  • Lightweight and rugged
  • Ingress protection – IP55
  • Alkaline or rechargeable battery options
Therm-App TH - Thermal Imaging Camera

Therm-App® TH Thermal Imaging Camera

The innovative Therm-App® TH transforms an Android smartphone into a professional, highly capable and constantly evolving thermography tool. Take accurate temperature measurements, share the images and videos quickly and easily. Key features include manual and auto temperature scales, multiple color palettes, threshold hot/cold marking, instant sharing, professional PC analysis and reporting software and more.

384*288 Pixels of Superb Image Quality
With its large thermal sensor and high 384*288 pixel resolution, Therm-App® TH provides excellent performance. Therm-App® TH provides you with the best image quality needed for your professional requirements.

Compact and Lightweight
Why use cumbersome, costly and complex tools, when you can opt for an affordable and convenient device coupled with outstanding performance? Therm-App® combines all the advantages of high quality thermal sensors with the powerful computing power of Android devices. All these benefits are packed in a compact and lightweight thermography tool.

User Friendly, Touchscreen Advantages
Leveraging modern smartphones’ high quality, high definition, and responsive touchscreens, Therm-App® TH for thermography provides the best user experience a professional thermal imager can provide. With Therm-App® TH for thermography, you get instant, high quality images and touchscreen performance you can trust.

Update Your Thermographic Data — On Time
Now you can use your smartphone to update your thermographic data instantly, enabling you to provide fast, efficient, and effective service. Therm-App® TH saves you time by enabling thermal images and videos to be uploaded to DropBox or emailed from the site. Now your data can be up to date, all the time.

Professional Thermographic Analysis & Reports
Therm-App® TH’s professional software features a full set of radiometric capabilities, enabling you to organize and evaluate infrared images and generate in-depth reports.

Get Therm-App Updates via Google Play

With Google Play, your Therm-App® TH application will be updated with new features as soon as they’ve been released. Now staying up to date is easy — and doesn’t cost you extra. Therm-App® TH offers ongoing value long after purchase.

Mobile Kits

For mobile DP4 or mobile DP-IR leak survey you will need a Mobile Kit. The kit is mounted at a suitable point inside the vehicle. This unit may be powered by the vehicle electrical system by means of a cable/plug which is included in the mobile unit installation kit.

The sample system made up of two or more rubber cones hanging down from the bumper about 1½” – 2” from the pavement, to sample the atmosphere as close to the surface of the ground as possible. This system picks up a continuous sample at the surface of the ground at points selected by the driver, and conveys it by means of tygon tubing to the Gast pump.

Instrument Repair

Heath’s instrument repair centers have been developed to provide quick turnaround, high quality services at affordable prices for all your repair and calibration needs. All of our services are performed by highly trained and qualified Heath instrument repair & calibration specialists.


We calibrate your instruments using NIST traceable standards to original factory specifications in order to ensure product reliability and high performance.

Preventive maintenance

Heath offers a preventive maintenance program for all its instruments to ensure their un-interrupted operation and extended life. We can customize a preventive maintenance program to fit your needs. Please contact your Heath sales representative for further information.

Get quick turnaround and minimize downtime

With multiple locations strategically positioned across the United States our customers have the flexibility to choose the service center that is closest to them. Lean Processes and multiple repair facilities enables Heath to provide quick turnaround time on repairs and minimize your equipment downtime.

For international repairs please contact the distributor who you purchased your instrument from for repair information.

Please click here to locate the closest repair center and download the appropriate repair form.

Automatic Test Inserts (ATI)

Automatic test inserts provide permanent leakage test points eliminating the need for repeated drilling or barring equipment. The ATI units are suitable for pipelines carrying a variety of products. Consideration must be given to the type of product being carried, piping system design and material. Heath can provide design assistance if desired.

Bar Hole Purger

Designed specifically shorten your time in pinpointing gas leaks. Depending on the type of soil, the Heath Bar Hole Purger will remove 8 to 12 cubic feet of soil atmosphere or gas per minute at 80 lbs. operating pressure. The Purger is available without a gauge or with a vacuum gauge that provides a visual indication of the Purgers’ operation.

EI-5 Ethane Gas Identifier

EI-5 Ethane Gas Identifier

The EI‐5 Ethane Gas Identifier is a portable combustible gas analyzer designed to differentiate between gas distributed by a utility and naturally occurring gas often present in the ground or subsurface structures. Ethane is present in significant concentrations in distributed natural gas but is not present in naturally occurring gases such as marsh gas, soil gas, landfill gas, and sewer gas. This makes ethane an excellent “tracer” in determining the presence of distributed versus naturally occurring gas. The EI‐5 detects and separates the ethane content in a natural gas sample to approximately 20 ppm.
Ruggedly constructed for field applications, the Heath Ethane Identifier is relatively unaffected by ambient temperature conditions, and will operate approximately 12 hours. Usually, the detection and analysis of ethane is accomplished in a laboratory by using a gas chromatograph. There are, however, specific occasions when it is impossible or impractical to “trap” a sample and send it to a laboratory. The Heath Ethane Identifier fulfills this requirement with quick, accurate indications, right in the field. It has a built-in pump, data-logging, export capabilities and color graphical display. The EI-5 can detect Ethane in a 800 ppm sample of natural gas  containing 2% Ethane by volume.

First Responder Gas Detector

The First Responder gas detector provides gas detection for first call and emergency response technicians in the gas utilities. It can be used as a Combustible Gas Indicator with LEL and % Volume ranges for leak detection and general safety monitoring. The First Responder combination gas detector also features a parts per million (PPM) range for increased sensitivity and rapid response for smaller leaks such as fitting leaks. Additionally, the First Responder has a Carbon Monoxide range for internal atmosphere monitoring where odor call response is required.

Heath Chart Recorder (HCR)

The Heath Chart Recorder is a model of design efficiency, providing ease of use in a durable, field-tested package. The HCR is available in a variety of sensor and mounting configurations. The 8” HCR features the exclusive hinged pen arm assembly to help maintain proper pen tension and allows an easier chart change without affecting the calibration. Available for 8” charts in lightweight, drawn aluminum or indestructible, stainless steel housings, all of which have options for wall, pipe or portable configurations, with or without a chart window.  Pressure ranges include: 12”H20 up to 5000 psig.

Gas Delivery Unit (GDUnet)

The GDUnet automates the essential task of regular instrument bump testing and calibration, ensuring that the Gasurveyor family of instruments are functioning correctly. GDUnet can be wall mounted or freestanding on a workbench and is connected to cylinders of calibration gas to ensure that a consistent standard can be maintained against which the instrument can be tested. All bump test and calibration results are automatically saved to a SQL database, using GMI’s innovative Instrument Management System (IMS) software. Fleet management is assured and compliance is simplified.

Magna-Lock ™

The Magna-Lock ferromagnetic locator is used to find valve box lids, curb valves and manhole covers. This locator provides top of the line magnetic locating including our new push-button “erase” feature and power line indicator, providing greater flexibility and enhanced performance.

Gasurveyor 500 Series

The Gasurveyor 500 Series is the most flexible range of gas detectors available from GMI. By simple selection of hardware and software options, the instrument can be readily configured to suit any department, including Construction, Leak Survey and Customer Service. Available ranges can be selected including PPM through LEL and Volume Gas, Oxygen, CO, and H2S to ensure that your exact requirements are met. All of the Gasurveyor 500 Series are dual mode instruments, making them suitable for both surveying work and confined space.

Heath Data Recorder (HDR)

The intrinsically safe Heath Data Recorder covers a wide range of electronic process monitoring needs. The HDR is capable of stand-alone mechanical instrument replacement, providing up to three pressures, two external temperature probes, pulse recording, alarming and notifying via “Cry out upon alarm.” The system is SCADA-compatible and suitable for everything from hydrostatic testing, PUC compliance, regulator performance, low point monitoring and load surveys. This instrument is ready for a variety of remote modems.

Detecto Pak-Infrared (DP-IR™)

The Detecto Pak-Infrared (DP-IR) is an infrared based leak detection survey instrument intended to replace current surveying equipment using traditional Flame Ionization with next generation technology utilizing a simple light beam, eliminating the need for expensive gas cylinders and refill systems. It is designed to be selective to detecting methane only, and will not false alarm on other hydrocarbon gases. The DP-IR can be used for walking and mobile leak surveys; operates under a variety of environmental conditions including cold or hot weather and will stand up to normal field use and operating conditions. Adding-on the Heath Survey Tracker will allow the ability to log mobile leak survey data and GPS locations of all natural gas leaks detected.

Gas Leak Detection Solution

Leak Detection Solution is the simplest and most economical visual gas leak detector for exposed surfaces. Simply spray on gas lines, cylinders, appliances – any pressurized gas container or conduit. Bubbles appear at leak sites, remain for 15-30 minutes. The solution is available in a case of four; one gallon containers.

Personal Surveyor (PS200 Series)

A robust and accurate portable gas detector, the Personal Surveyor PS200 Series provides unrivalled protection in confined space applications with audible and visual alarms in the event of exposure to flammable or toxic gases. The PS200 Series detects all possible combinations of LEL, O2, CO, H2S, including single gas detection. In addition to displaying all gas readings simultaneously, the user can also initiate a manual bump test anytime. Pre-entry checking can be carried out with the optional internal sampling pump, and diffusion operation ensuring maximum battery life in confined spaces.

An optional Auto Bump & Calibration Station is available for additional full bump and calibration options. To view additional information on the Bump & Calibration Station click here.