2014 Heath Award Winner: Larry Papst, Southern California Gas Company

Larry Papst received the AGA 2014 Milton W. Heath Sr. Memorial Award. The award, sponsored by Heath Consultants Incorporated, is given annually to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to leak detection prevention for repair during the preceding five years. Larry received the award for his work on gas leak detection tools for enhancing the safety, reliability and efficiency of distribution and transmission pipeline systems.
Larry has held a number of field and management positions within the Distribution and Customer Services organizations during his 24 year career with the Southern California Gas Company. He is currently the Field Technologies Team Leader whose client base consists of SCG & SDGE Field Operations Departments.
Larry has leveraged his experience and knowledge of gas operations to make strides in improving public & employee safety while effectively addressing organizational needs. The successes realized were developed through partnerships between his business partners, distributors and manufacturer’s to address issues on multiple fronts.
An area of priority that Larry and his team are proactive in is soliciting feedback regarding existing processes, performance and deficiencies as it relates to leakage investigation and mitigation equipment. He actively identifies solutions through research and builds relationships with vendors and manufacturer’s to advance processes and technologies that support existing and future industry requirements pertaining to safety, performance and reliability. His team effectively supports field personnel by providing supplemental training to promote tool familiarization, proper operation of equipment, and revisions to corresponding company policies.
Larry has successfully positioned his organization to maintain pace with the natural gas industry by proactively identifying and addressing the needs of his business partners. He strives to enhance the end-user experience incorporating the development and integration of new technologies in conjunction with processes that strengthen employee safety, knowledge and performance.