Technology & Services Update – August 2020, Featuring RMLD-CS with Live Leak Demo

Heath is pleased to announce our new and improved Remote Methane Leak Detector – CS, from first responders to investigators to leakage surveyors, it really is the Complete Solution. This compact, state-of-the-art instrument eliminates the separate receiver and transceiver of the earlier RMLD system and combines them into one lightweight, hand-held unit that can detect natural gas leaks safely and efficiently, without having to travel the entire length of a pipeline. Utility service employees and first responders can quickly and safely scan a location for suspected leaks in areas that may be difficult to access.

In addition, the RMLD-CS can be aimed through most windows to verify the presence of gas, helping ensure the user’s safety.

Several new features have been added including:

    • Rechargeable and replaceable battery
    • Dual battery charger
    • Mobile App support
    • Ergonomic, lightweight housing
    • Graphical user interface
    • Internal data logging
    • GPS Color camera and display

… and more


Be Sure Your Equipment Is Operating At Its Peak Performance

As an essential service provider Heath has continued to provide repair service for our customers, whether it be for compliance requirements or operational maintenance.

We realize during this time sending in instruments has become a challenge for many of our customers due to Covid 19 . To help our customers overcome this challenge Heath is offering to arrange the pick-up for you. Simply fill out the information on fillable form via the link and email back to You will receive a shipping label to affix to your box and give to your carrier during their daily pick up.  We have worked hard to improve our turnaround for repairs. Due to Covid 19 we are 10 days or less excluding transit time.

Heath has Instrument Repair Facilities conveniently placed across the United States. Please choose a location below, fill out the repair form to send in with your instrument and shipping pick-up from, if applicable. Filling out the provided repair form will optimize the turnaround time for repair.


Houston, TX services all instruments – primary repair facility.

Pico Rivera, CA services:

    • DP-IR
    • OMD
    • RMLD-IS
    • Gasurveyor 500 & 700 series

Sacramento, CA services:

    • DP4
    • DP-IR
    • OMD
    • RMLD-IS
    • Odorator
    • Gasurveyor 500 & 700 series

Heath Consultants Incorporated’s RMLD-CS Proves to Be a Successful Addition to Its Lineup of Laser Leak Detectors

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Heath Consultants Incorporated, an industry leader in the safety of natural gas infrastructure, has released our hand-held Remote Methane Leak Detector – Complete Solution (RMLD-CS™) to continue building on the success of our RMLD line that has sold thousands of units worldwide.

Users will recognize the potential for increased safety, significant productivity gains and time-savings with remote detection for utility service personnel, plant maintenance technicians and first responders to quickly scan an area for suspected leaks or emissions from up to 100 feet away. The remote detection allows users to satisfy increasing restrictions on air quality controls and increase success in reducing emissions from distribution and transmission pipeline networks, as well as above ground fugitive sources like valves.

The redesigned and streamlined RMLD-CS eliminated the separate receiver and transceiver and combined them into one ergonomic, hand-held instrument that is lightweight, portable and field rugged. The instrument is ideal for difficult to reach areas such as busy roadways, yards with dogs, fenced off areas, compressor stations, offshore platforms, plant/industrial inspections, gas processing plants, gas gathering, drilling sites, landfills, difficult terrains and more. It operates under a variety of field conditions including a wide temperature range, light rain and fog. It’s rugged enough to stand up to normal field use and operating conditions.

Heath acknowledged the need to further innovate and include features that would allow our customers to easily integrate the RMLD-CS into their current survey programs with built-in mobile App support, internal data logging, Bluetooth BLE, GPS and WiFi. These features permit users to seamlessly collect and integrate instrument data into their existing leak survey compliance tracking systems.