Press Release: Heath Consultants Incorporated Utilizes Advanced Research Small Unmanned Aerial Sensor Technology for Emergency Gas Leak Response Following Hurricane Harvey

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, Heath Consultants Incorporated (Heath) and Physical Sciences Inc. (PSI), demonstrated the usefulness of drone-mounted laser-based leak detection technology for emergency response. The Remote Methane Leak Detector Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (RMLD-UAV) was deployed to inspect underground gas lines around Beaumont and Port Aransas, Texas for major leakage of areas which were inaccessible to vehicles and unsafe for walking due to down utility lines, flood water, hazardous debris such as fallen trees, fences and metal roofing. The operation illustrates the benefits of drones in situations when typical land surveys are not possible.

The RMLD-UAV integrates Heath’s industry-leading, laser-based, Remote Methane Leak Detector (RMLD®) with PSI’s two-foot-wide quadrotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle featuring highly advanced autonomy and all-weather operation. This technology combination can implement self-directed flight patterns to continuously monitor, locate, and quantify volumetric leak rates of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, from natural gas production sites.

The RMLD-UAV measures methane by sending an infrared laser light beam downwards from the vehicle and detecting some of the laser light which is reflected from the ground. It relies on attenuation of the laser beam by the methane in the laser path at certain wavelengths, as compared to little attenuation at other wavelengths.

Development and evaluation of RMLD-UAV is sponsored by the US Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPA-e).

Since 1933 Heath Consultants Incorporated has been the leader in natural gas detection technologies and services. Heath partners with well-recognized research and development organizations as well as industry trade associations to provide state-of-the-art products and services to various utility markets including products specifically designed to detect greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and services for environmental safety. For more information, please visit:

Physical Sciences Inc. (PSI) provides contract research and development services in a wide diversity of technical areas to both government and commercial customers. PSI’s interests span basic research to technology development, with an emphasis on applied research. PSI develops advanced technologies for aerospace, chemical, defense, energy, environmental, manufacturing and medical applications. Core technologies have been developed with more than $900 million of federal and industrial funding over four and a half decades of operations, a period in which PSI has acquired an international reputation for technical excellence and innovation. For more information, please visit:

Mike Snead Named Recipient of 2017 Milton W. Heath Sr. Memorial Award

Heath Consultants is pleased to announce Mike Snead, Manager, Leak Survey and Meter Services, Washington Gas, was named as the recipient of the 2017 Milton W. Heath Sr. Memorial Award at the American Gas Association’s Annual Operations Conference in Orlando, Florida. This award recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions toward the detection, prevention and repair of natural gas leaks.

In 2001, Mike began a career path in the gas industry with Washington Gas where he’s worked in gas operations, maintenance, corrosion control, safety and leak survey. In 2015, he was selected to manage all the leak survey programs in the metropolitan Washington D.C. area as well as the meter service programs in the field.  All leak survey technicians are currently using state of the art intrinsically safe methane leak detection to perform inside leak surveys.

The leak data for Washington Gas is paired up with tablets in a new pilot program which represents another aspect of Mike’s contribution in advanced programmatic leak survey with the use of mobile and portable leak detection software. The software platform integrates GPS, system maps, instrumentation readings and survey tracking in real time allowing Washington Gas the means of setting strict auditing parameters for its in-house crews and contractors.

Mike’s contributions have significantly improved the quality, thoroughness, and efficiency of the leak survey program at Washington Gas not to mention his deep, personal, and genuine commitment to pipeline safety and the customers he serves.

Press Release - Celebrating Earth Day By Giving Back to Our Community

Houston, TX – April 18, 2017 – This year Heath kicked off our Earth Day celebrations early with a charity drive benefiting the Brazoria County Dream Center (BCDC) a local charity in Texas that provides basic essentials such as food, clothing, and other resources to help families in difficult times. They also offer individuals the chance for renewed opportunities to succeed, through educational classes and other resources to improve basic life skills and the opportunity to network with other community agencies.

Through Heath’s fundraising efforts we were able to donate $3,565.15 and 186 cans of ravioli which is a highly requested food item by the children in BCDC’s Backpack Buddies lunch program.

In addition to our fundraising efforts Heath will celebrate Earth Day doing what we do best – “Reducing Our Carbon Footprint” by providing world class natural gas leak detection services, manufacturing leak detection instruments for the maintenance of pipeline integrity, environmental protection and safety worldwide.

BCDC Donation Presentation

Pictured are members of Heath’s Executive and Human Resources teams presenting Brazoria County Dream Center representatives Heath’s donation check. Also pictured are team members of Heath Consultants Incorporated at the main campus and corporate office in Houston, Texas. The Houston Campus is where field operations are managed and leak detection instruments are manufactured. Each team member proudly wears their Earth Day shirt.

Heath is a long-standing member of numerous international, national and state gas associations and have business relationships with the majority of their members.

Media Inquiries Contact : Vivian Marinelli, Marketing Supervisor – (713) 844-1387

Press Release: EyeCGas Verified Compliant with New EPA OOOOa Regulation

ecg_compliantThe EyeCGas OGI (Optical Gas Imaging) camera has received independent verification for its technology in relation to the new Environmental Protection Agency ‘QuadOa’ regulation (EPA NSPS 40 CFR part 60 subpart OOOOa).

EyeCGas, the OGI camera that enables users to identify hydrocarbon and volatile organic compound (VOC) leaks with pinpoint accuracy, was independently tested at the UK’s National Physical Laboratory, and was proven compliant with the regulation requirements. The rule requires the OGI camera to be capable of imaging a gas that is half methane, half propane at a concentration of 1% at a flow rate of ≤60g/hr.

Omer Yanai, vice president of gas imaging and technology innovation at OPGAL, commented:

The EPA identified optical gas imaging as the best system for emission reduction (BSER), as it enables detecting leaks safely, remotely and efficiently. EyeCGas is the only camera compliant with QuadOa that is also certified for Class I Div 2 hazardous locations. This verification gives operators confidence that EyeCGas is the right tool for the job.”

QuadOa was introduced to reduce greenhouse gas and VOC emissions in upstream and midstream operations. Its leak detection and repair (LDAR) requirement means that oil and gas operators now need to routinely monitor fugitive emissions from equipment at new, modified and reconstructed well sites and compressor stations.

Yanai added:

“It is crucial for companies to detect and repair leaks quickly to protect people and the environment, optimize production and minimize product loss. The third-party verification is testament to the quality of our technologies and reassures clients that EyeCGas can help them meet emission reduction targets.”

For additional information, please contact the Heath Customer Service Department at