January 2019, Technology & Services Update – Featuring Remote Pressure Monitoring

Remote Pressure Monitoring

Heath’s Data Recorder (HDR) provides natural gas operators accurate pressure and temperature readings of your product as it travels through the gas delivery system. These readings are crucial for the safe operation of your system.

Capabilities and Features

The HDR can be used for many applications including hydro testing pipeline and/or pressure vessels or pipeline pressure monitoring and alarm notification.

The HDR is capable of recording up to three (3) pressures and up to two (2) temperature probes plus internal case temperature. HDR Host is the companion software interface for the instrument to provide configuration, calibration, local and remote communication, interrogation, data collection and data processing. The HDR can report low or high pressure alerts via SMS or Email before the gas system pressure becomes dangerous. Three independent logs store data from one (1) second up to one (1) hour intervals.

The HDR’s powder coated aluminum IP64 housing is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Depending on the housing type and sensor placements the HDR is suitable for wall/panel mount, pipe mount or portable. The instrument utilizes one 1.5-volt, modular battery as its primary power source and incorporates an on-board uninterruptible power supply. The HDR also incorporates an on-board battery for backup of RAM and its real time clock.

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