Press Release: Heath Consultants Announces Agreement with New Cosmos USA for Rights to Sell Residential Methane Alarms to the Natural Gas Utility Industry

The partnership will expand availability of alarms to improve public safety and reduce the risk of potential incidents

 Houston, TX – January 19, 2023 – Heath Consultants Incorporated, the leading methane detection equipment manufacturer, developer and service provider to the natural gas industry, today announced a landmark agreement with New Cosmos USA, Inc. to be the exclusive distributor of its best-in-class DeNova Detect AMI residential methane gas alarms to natural gas utilities in the United States. New Cosmos USA, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of New Cosmos Electric Co., Ltd., which has a 70% market share in the residential methane gas alarm market in Japan and has sold more than 70 million residential methane gas alarms worldwide.

DeNova Detect alarms are proven by third-party testing to offer the most nuisance-resistant, effective, and reliable solution to alert occupants of a potential safety hazard well before any possibility of an incident. With Denova Detect alarms, utilities can monitor alarms and respond quickly, a major benefit to both consumers and first responders. New Cosmos USA, Inc. has successfully deployed over 250,000 alarms in partnership with major US utilities with virtually zero false alarms.

The demand is rising for residential methane gas alarms in the U.S., driven both by natural gas utilities’ desire to reduce the risk of natural gas incidents, and by safety standards on the horizon from regulatory agencies, including UL and NFPA.

“Between New Cosmos USA, Inc. and Heath Consultants combined, we’re able to build on over 150 years of successful natural gas leak detection for gas utility partners. Having developed the first gas alarm in the world, we’re the longest standing supplier of natural gas alarm products to the gas utility industry. We’re extremely excited about this new strategic partnership leveraging complimentary portfolios. Most importantly, we have a shared core mission of protecting life and property which we will continue to prioritize as we move forward,” states Ron Lazarus, COO of New Cosmos USA, Inc.

About Heath Consultants

Heath Consultants Incorporated is a third-generation, family-owned business founded in 1933 and it virtually invented what has become today’s utility related methane leak detection industry.  Heath develops, manufactures, and distributes a wide variety of sophisticated methane detection products designed to reduce harmful environmental emissions and protect life and property.  It also provides methane leak detection and related services to gas utilities through its 1,600 highly trained service personnel nationwide. Heath is a woman owned business, certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). For more information on Heath’s products or services, visit

About New Cosmos USA Inc. 

New Cosmos Electric has been a leading global supplier of gas detectors and gas alarm systems for more than 60 years. New Cosmos Electric formed a wholly owned subsidiary – New Cosmos USA, Inc., in 2018. New Cosmos USA is headquartered in Lisle, IL, and has developed the DeNova Detect brand to provide gas alarms to some of the largest utility companies in the U.S. today. We are the leading supplier of residential methane detectors in the global market and our mission is to protect life and property with innovative natural gas safety products. Our team remains committed to deliver cutting-edge safety solutions to our customers in order to detect and protect what matters most. For more information on DeNova Detect’s life and property saving natural gas alarms, please visit: