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Discover AMLD Off-Road
Discover AMLD® Off-Road
Heath's innovative Discover AMLD® Off-Road reduces methane emissions through the identification of gas leaks while minimizing false positives and negatives compared to competing technologies. Discover AMLD Off-Road is an open-path system utilizing Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS). With a resolution in the part per billion (ppb) range for both methane and ethane, our system can detect even the smallest leaks. Ethane detection also helps to determine whether a detection is pipeline gas or naturally occurring biogas, improving accuracy and reducing false alarms. Our system's sensitivity levels, combined with a proven detection algorithm, can identify and distinguish between a pipeline gas leak and a non-pipeline gas leak, such as sewer, landfill and soil biogas sources. With Discover AMLD, you can be confident in the safety of your infrastructure and the reduction of harmful methane emissions. Discover AMLD consists of a vehicle equipped with the detector, GPS, anemometer, and proprietary software loaded onto the vehicle’s computer/tablet. All components were designed to require minimal modifications to the vehicle and utilize the latest wireless technology. The Discover AMLD analytical method improves the reduction of false positives and increases the accuracy of detection. Field testing has shown a greater than 95% probability of detecting gas leaks. Discover AMLD’s Graphical User Interface (GUI) streams your data directly to a secure cloud, which can analyze and process the data in real-time to produce actionable reports.
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