DP-IR+ Mobile App

The DP-IR+ Application “App” provides an easy way for users to connect to Heath DP-IR+ devices via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and capture survey data. This free app includes the following capabilities:

  • Search for nearby DP-IR+ devices.
  • Connect to a device.
  • Configure breadcrumb logging interval.
  • Configure application alarm thresholds.
  • Perform surface and bar hole surveys.
  • View the methane gas value in PPM or %Gas concentration.
  • Turn the pump on or off.
  • Switch the device during a survey.
  • Pause or end a survey.
  • View trail on the map along with leak pins.
  • Share CSV, KML and zip files containing the survey data.


DP-IR+ App is compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices with the below specifications:

Android – 5.5 Inches and above, OS – 7.0 and above.
iOS – 4.7 Inches and above, OS – 11.0 and above.