Ethane Identifier (EI5)

The EI‐5 Ethane Gas Identifier is a portable combustible gas analyzer designed to differentiate between gas distributed by a utility and naturally occurring gas often present in the ground or subsurface structures. Ethane is present in significant concentrations in distributed natural gas but is not present in naturally occurring gases such as marsh gas, soil gas, landfill gas, and sewer gas. This makes ethane an excellent “tracer” in determining the presence of distributed versus naturally occurring gas.

Ruggedly constructed for field applications, the Heath Ethane Identifier is relatively unaffected by ambient temperature conditions, and will operate approximately 12 hours. Usually, the detection and analysis of ethane is accomplished in a laboratory by using a gas chromatograph. There are, however, specific occasions when it is impossible or impractical to “trap” a sample and send it to a laboratory. The Heath Ethane Identifier fulfills this requirement with quick, accurate indications, right in the field. It has a built-in pump, data-logging, export capabilities and color graphical display. The EI-5 can detect Ethane in a 800 ppm sample of natural gas containing 2% Ethane by volume.