The SEMTECH HI-FLOW 2 utilizes Tunable Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS) for the accurate measurement of the fugitive methane with direct quantification of leaks in the 0.0005 to 25 CFM range with accuracy better than 5%. This device uses state-of-the-art flow and gas sensing technologies that are integrated into a handheld unit for accurate measurement during established LDAR programs.

For ultimate flexibility, the HI-FLOW 2 is separated into:

Sampler – Handheld device with a high-volume vacuum sampling fan and total flow rate monitor.

Analyzer – Portable control module (which can be carried, placed on the floor, or mounted to a backpack) housing the gas sensor technologies, control electronics, and battery pack.

The combination of these two components (with a variety of sampling adapters) allows the entire fugitive methane emission to be captured, diluted and quantified accurately.

Designed for intuitive and convenient operation:

  • Modern Wi-Fi web-based GUI interface with manual override and LED status indicators
  • Up to 200 Whr battery pack for uninterrupted daily operation
  • Lightweight and flexible umbilical connections between various components to access those hard-to-reach places
  • Detachable shoulder strap

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