Heath Factory Service Repair

Instrument Repair

Heath’s instrument repair centers have been developed to provide quick turnaround, high quality services at affordable prices for all your repair and calibration needs. All of our services are performed by highly trained and qualified Heath instrument repair & calibration specialists.


We calibrate your instruments using NIST traceable standards to original factory specifications in order to ensure product reliability and high performance.

Preventive maintenance

Heath offers a preventive maintenance program for all its instruments to ensure their un-interrupted operation and extended life. We can customize a preventive maintenance program to fit your needs. Please contact your Heath sales representative for further information.

Get quick turnaround and minimize downtime

With multiple locations strategically positioned across the United States our customers have the flexibility to choose the service center that is closest to them. Lean Processes and multiple repair facilities enables Heath to provide quick turnaround time on repairs and minimize your equipment downtime.

For international repairs please contact the distributor who you purchased your instrument from for repair information.

Please click here to locate the closest repair center and download the appropriate repair form.

DP-IR+™ App

The DP-IR+ Application “App” provides an easy way for users to connect to Heath DP-IR+ devices via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and capture survey data. This free app includes the following capabilities:

  • Search for nearby DP-IR+ devices.
  • Connect to a device.
  • Configure breadcrumb logging interval.
  • Configure application alarm thresholds.
  • Perform surface and bar hole surveys.
  • View the methane gas value in PPM or %Gas concentration.
  • Turn the pump on or off.
  • Switch the device during a survey.
  • Pause or end a survey.
  • View trail on the map along with leak pins.
  • Share CSV, KML and zip files containing the survey data.


DP-IR+ App is compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices with the below specifications:

  • Android – 5.5 Inches and above, OS – 7.0 and above.
  • iOS – 4.7 Inches and above, OS – 11.0 and above.


Click below for the appropriate operating system manual:

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App Privacy Policy

RMLD First Responder (RMLD-FR™)

The RMLD – First Responder (RMLD-FR™), allows for the rapid scan of standard venting points inside a structure from a safe distance to establish the presence of methane gas by first responder and fire service personnel. The instrument is based on Heath Consultants’ popular RMLD legacy and RMLD-CS™ designs with many of the same functionality and features as the RMLD-CS version but with a streamlined user interface.

Most often, first responders/fire service are called to address fire and major natural gas emergencies, using equipment that places them too close to possibly harmful structures.

The remote detection of the RMLD-FR enables the operator to shine the beam through most windows, providing them a visual and audible signal regarding the presence of methane gas. This rapid scan allows first responders to make quick decisions and establish control of the gas and ignition sources if a detection is present.

The RMLD-FR features include:

  • Self-Test
  • Spotter laser
  • Lightweight
  • Color camera
  • Graphical user interface
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth BLE
  • WiFi
  • Dual battery charger
  • Ergonomic housing
  • Replaceable and rechargeable battery


The RMLD-CS App provides an easy way for users to connect Heath RMLD-CS devices via Bluetooth (BLE) and capture survey data. This includes the following:

  • Search for nearby RMLD-CS devices.
  • Connect to a device.
  • Select a GPS Logging rate option.
  • Start a new survey.
  • View the CH4 and Peak CH4 value on the screen.
  • Log details of observed leaks including the location.
  • Switch between RMLD-CS devices during a survey.
  • Pause or end the survey.
  • View the trail on a map.
  • Download the CSV and KML file, or a zip file containing the CSV and KML of a survey.
  • Audible alarms through the  mobile application. (DMD, RT, Fault, Warning)   
  • Low mobile device battery level sound indication.
  • Disconnected device sound indication.


RMLD-CS App is compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices with the below specifications:

  • Android – 5.5 Inches and above, OS – 7.0 and above.
  • iOS – 4.7 Inches and above, OS – 11.0 and above.


Click below for the appropriate operating system manual:

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App Privacy Policy

EyeCGas® 2.0 Optical Gas Imaging Camera

EyeCGas® 2.0 is a rugged, OOOOa compliant, hand-held camera that uses thermal imaging technology for the detection of gas leaks and fugitive emissions. Based on market feedback and customer requests, improvements were made to include the following:

Better Connectivity – EyeCGas 2.0 is the most connected OGI camera in the world. With video streaming and download via WiFi and bluetooth integration with 3rd party software and devices, EyeCGas 2.0 can act as a hotspot for mobile device access or connect to a selected WLAN network for ease of use.

Better Safety – EyeCGas 2.0 was designed specifically for the harsh environments of the Oil and Gas industry; the camera is extremely rugged, robust, and is sealed for severe outdoor industrial conditions.  EyeCGas 2.0 was certified to meet IEC standards for temperature, humidity, vibration, dust and water intrusion. EyeCGas 2.0 is the only camera certified for use in Class I Div 2 hazardous environments.


ANSI/ISA-12.12.01, UL1604 and CSA C22.2 No. 213-M1987  

Better Sensitivity – With NETD of <10mK , EyeCGas 2.0 can detect 0.35 g/hr of Methane and is fully certified to meet OOOOa requirements. The camera allows to vision modes: Normal and Enhanced, and a unique replaceable spectral filter allows detection of different gas types.

Better Usability – EyeCGas 2.0 offers true smart LDAR operations by using a patent protected Bluetooth integration with Method 21 Analyzers. In addition, EyeCGas 2.0 offers wireless integration with leading LDAR software, allowing real time component tag synchronization, and easy association between components, images and videos.

Better Versatility- with its new thermography mode, EyeCGas 2.0 is now offering the possibility for accurate temperature measurement, 6 color pallets, and an option for easy export of radiometric data.

EyeCSite – Quantitative Optical Gas Imaging (QOGI) Software for EyeCGas OGI Solutions

Manufacturer Product Support Page

RMLD Complete Solution (RMLD-CS™)

Heath’s RMLD technologies have led the industry for remote methane detection since the release of the original unit in 2005. Our newest model the RMLD Complete Solution (RMLD-CS) utilizes the same TDLAS technology but in a more convenient, lightweight, single unit package without compromising performance. The RMLD-CS is field rugged and operates under a variety of field conditions including a wide temperature range, light rain and fog.

The RMLD-CS is Intrinsically Safety (IS) with a rating of Class I, Division II, which allows operators to use it indoors and within potentially hazardous environments such as compressor stations. With detection up to 100 feet away operators can safely survey in areas that may be difficult to reach such as busy roadways, yards with dogs, fenced off areas, compressor stations, overhead piping and other hard to access places.

Features include:

  • Rechargeable and replaceable battery
  • Dual battery charger
  • Phone App support
  • Ergonomic, lightweight housing
  • Graphical user interface
  • Internal data logging
  • GPS
  • Color camera and display

… and more

Automatic Test Inserts (ATI)

Automatic test inserts provide permanent leakage test points eliminating the need for repeated drilling or barring equipment. The ATI units are suitable for pipelines carrying a variety of products. Consideration must be given to the type of product being carried, piping system design and material. Heath can provide design assistance if desired.

First Responder Gas Detector

The First Responder gas detector provides gas detection for first call and emergency response technicians in the gas utilities. It can be used as a Combustible Gas Indicator with LEL and % Volume ranges for leak detection and general safety monitoring. The First Responder combination gas detector also features a parts per million (PPM) range for increased sensitivity and rapid response for smaller leaks such as fitting leaks. Additionally, the First Responder has a Carbon Monoxide range for internal atmosphere monitoring where odor call response is required.

Gas Leak Detection Solution

Leak Detection Solution is the simplest and most economical visual gas leak detector for exposed surfaces. Simply spray on gas lines, cylinders, appliances – any pressurized gas container or conduit. Bubbles appear at leak sites, remain for 15-30 minutes. The solution is available in a case of four; one gallon containers.

Mask Spray Deodorant

This mask spray deodorant instantly deodorizes natural gas and propane odorants. It is used with spills or accidental releases of odorants only. Mask spray is available in Island Mist and Strawberry scents.

Odor Buster

Odor Buster completely eliminates trace odor and stain causing organics which are the root source of odors. It is non-toxic, non-acidic and non-alkali. It contains surfactants that remove much of the organic matter like any other cleaner-odor neutralizers. However, unlike other products the bacterial organisms remain behind after the cleaning process is finished and Odor Buster contains no environmentally harmful chemicals.


ODORATOR 2™ - Odor Intensity Test Instrument

The Heath ODORATOR 2 is an odorization survey audit system or odor intensity test instrument that with proper use fulfills D.O.T. Code 192.625 requirements. This state-of-the-art, portable, electronic, GNSS based audit system is an ideal tool for customer service personnel and other individuals determining odor intensity levels within a gas distribution or transmission systems.

Odorator ®

The Odorator is an ideal tool for customer service personnel and other individuals for evaluating odor levels in gas distribution or transmission systems. This instrument is designed for ease of operation and interpretation. It is lightweight yet rugged for field use.


The Wireless Assessment and Training Checker or Watcher is designed for hands-on hazardous or gas emergency training. The Watcher utilizes a Bluetooth enabled tablet to wirelessly control specially adapted portable gas detectors from GMI to simulate actual situations with the equipment . Complete gas detector operation can be controlled remotely. This invaluable accessory is simple to use and can be used for all types of training and assessment to ensure personnel respond correctly in all aspects of gas detection.

RMLD Intrinsically Safe (RMLD-IS®)

Our intrinsically safe Remote Methane Leak Detector (RMLD-IS) is an eye-safe laser-based natural gas detector (methane) that can quickly and efficiently detect leaks up to one hundred feet away allowing remote detection of difficult to access places such as; busy roadways, locked yards, underground piping, compressor stations, offshore platforms, plant/industrial inspections, gas processing plants, gas gathering, drilling sites, landfills, difficult terrains and more. When the infrared laser beam is transmitted from the launch port, some of the laser light is reflected back and converted to an electrical signal that carries the information needed to deduce the methane concentration. The RMLD-IS has proven to be a highly effective leak survey instrument, compared to flame ionization and similar equipment, but with the added advantage of remote detection. By design the RMLD-IS is capable of achieving significant productivity gains and drastically reduce operations and maintenance costs.

The RMLD-IS is also a game-changer in the environmental industry. The proof is in the numbers with thousands of units in use worldwide. The RMLD-IS’ remote detection allows users to satisfy increasing restrictions on air quality controls and increase success in reducing emissions from underground pipeline networks as well as above ground fugitive sources.

Anti-Static Measurement Bag

Heath has fabricated calibrated bags of anti-static plastic of various sizes with a special neck to fit over vent openings. This allows a low-pressure drop measurement of vented systems that may not tolerate significant backpressure. The use of these anti-static measurement bags or “Vent-Bags” has been calibrated in our laboratory against rotameter measurements and been found accurate to within ±10%. Given proper training while observing strict safety guidelines, this technique for measuring large natural gas leaks can be safe, expedient and affordable.

Detecto-Pak 4 (DP4®)

The Detecto-Pak 4 (DP4) is a portable gas leak detector based on proven Flame Ionization technology. The DP4 can be used for walking and mobile leak surveys. The robust internal sample pump allows for rapid response time; readings are from 0-10, 0-50, 0-100, 0-1,000, and 0-10,000 parts per million (PPM). Additional features include a large backlit display with visual and audio alarms, auto fuel shut-off, hot wire ignition and a convenient membrane touch pad top panel that allows easy fingertip instrument operation.