LMP200 Instrument, ABC & Calibration Kit

PS200-LMP (LMP200)

HPN 105509

The LMP200 is a multi-use detector specifically designed to address the gas monitoring practices of the plumbing and HVAC communities to enhance gas safety.

With three modes of operation, this gas detector can be used by LMPs and their technicians to conduct regulatory compliant leak surveys of gas piping inside buildings. Results from leak surveys can be transferred, via Bluetooth, to applications running on smart devices allowing the survey data to be visualized and stored in the cloud for regulatory reporting purposes by an LMP and/or Utility. The PS200-LMP also assists with daily duties including purging of interior piping and provides atmosphere mon­itoring for both flammable gas and carbon monoxide (CO).


HPN 105504

The multifunctional ABC station provides simple but intelligent testing and calibration of the LMP200. Easy to use, with a durable, user-friendly design, this automated test station offers high performance from a PC or stand-alone unit.



HPN 105507

Includes: Two (2) regulators, 100Lt Gas 50% CH4 LEL, 100LT Gas 99% CH4

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LMP200 Parts & Accessories

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Cotton FiltersCotton Filters – Box of 10 (Probe)
HPN 22210077
Price $17.00

Inline Hydrophobic Filter

Hydrophobic Filter (Probe)
HPN 22112358
Price $32.00

Sample Inlet Filter

Sample Inlet Filter (Instrument)
HPN 22164084
Price $4.00

Hydrophobic Filter

Hydrophobic Filter (Instrument)
HPN 22164254
Price $12.00


Probe Includes Filter & Tubing
HPN 105512
Price $208.00

Tygon Tubing

Tygon® Tubing
HPN 105073
Price $19.00

Sample Line Connector

Sample Line Connector
HPN 22266112
Price $5.00

Sample Quick Connect

Sample Quick Connect
HPN 22164241
Price $6.00

Universal Power Plug

Universal Power Plug (Main-USB)
HPN 22264247
Price $31.00

USB Charging Comms Clip

USB Charging/Comms Clip
HPN 22264260
Price $38.00

Rubber Boot

Rubber Boot
HPN 22264303BU
Price $55.00

Jumbo Clip

Jumbo Clip
HPN 22164242
Price $50.00

Heath Factory Service Repair

Instrument Repair

Heath’s instrument repair centers have been developed to provide quick turnaround, high quality services at affordable prices for all your repair and calibration needs. All of our services are performed by highly trained and qualified Heath instrument repair & calibration specialists.


We calibrate your instruments using NIST traceable standards to original factory specifications in order to ensure product reliability and high performance.

Preventive maintenance

Heath offers a preventive maintenance program for all its instruments to ensure their un-interrupted operation and extended life. We can customize a preventive maintenance program to fit your needs. Please contact your Heath sales representative for further information.

Get quick turnaround and minimize downtime

With multiple locations strategically positioned across the United States our customers have the flexibility to choose the service center that is closest to them. Lean Processes and multiple repair facilities enables Heath to provide quick turnaround time on repairs and minimize your equipment downtime.

For international repairs please contact the distributor who you purchased your instrument from for repair information.

Please click here to locate the closest repair center and download the appropriate repair form.

Discover Advanced Mobile Leak Detection (AMLD)

For years, reduction of gas leaks on aging infrastructure has been an issue for the natural gas industry, particularly the down-stream (distribution) marketplace. Heath’s Discover AMLD™ will address this issue by reducing methane emissions through the identification of gas leaks with minimum false positives and negatives compared to competing technologies. 

Discover AMLD is an open-air fixed path Mid-IR Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS). Resolution is in the part per billion (ppb) range for both methane and ethane. Ethane detection aids in determining whether a detection is pipeline gas or naturally occurring biogas.

Discover AMLD consists of a vehicle equipped with the detector, GPS, anemometer and proprietary software loaded onto the vehicle’s computer/tablet. All components were designed to require minimal modifications to the vehicle and utilize the latest in wireless technology.

RMLD Complete Solution (RMLD-CS™)

Heath’s RMLD technologies have led the industry for remote methane detection since the release of the original unit in 2005. Our newest model the RMLD Complete Solution (RMLD-CS) utilizes the same TDLAS technology but in a more convenient, lightweight, single unit package without compromising performance. The RMLD-CS is field rugged and operates under a variety of field conditions including a wide temperature range, light rain and fog.

The RMLD-CS is Intrinsically Safety (IS) with a rating of Class I, Division II, which allows operators to use it indoors and within potentially hazardous environments such as compressor stations. With detection up to 100 feet away operators can safely survey in areas that may be difficult to reach such as busy roadways, yards with dogs, fenced off areas, compressor stations, overhead piping and other hard to access places.

Features include:

  • Rechargeable and replaceable battery
  • Dual battery charger
  • Phone App support
  • Ergonomic, lightweight housing
  • Graphical user interface
  • Internal data logging
  • GPS
  • Color camera and display

… and more

RMLD First Responder (RMLD-FR™)

The RMLD – First Responder (RMLD-FR™), allows for the rapid scan of standard venting points inside a structure from a safe distance to establish the presence of methane gas by first responder and fire service personnel. The instrument is based on Heath Consultants’ popular RMLD legacy and RMLD-CS™ designs with many of the same functionality and features as the RMLD-CS version but with a streamlined user interface.

Most often, first responders/fire service are called to address fire and major natural gas emergencies, using equipment that places them too close to possibly harmful structures.

The remote detection of the RMLD-FR enables the operator to shine the beam through most windows, providing them a visual and audible signal regarding the presence of methane gas. This rapid scan allows first responders to make quick decisions and establish control of the gas and ignition sources if a detection is present.

The RMLD-FR features include:

  • Self-Test
  • Spotter laser
  • Lightweight
  • Color camera
  • Graphical user interface
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth BLE
  • WiFi
  • Dual battery charger
  • Ergonomic housing
  • Replaceable and rechargeable battery


The RMLD-CS App provides an easy way for users to connect Heath RMLD-CS devices via Bluetooth (BLE) and capture survey data. This includes the following:

  • Search for nearby RMLD-CS devices.
  • Connect to a device.
  • Select a GPS Logging rate option.
  • Start a new survey.
  • View the CH4 and Peak CH4 value on the screen.
  • Log details of observed leaks including the location.
  • Switch between RMLD-CS devices during a survey.
  • Pause or end the survey.
  • View the trail on a map.
  • Download the CSV and KML file, or a zip file containing the CSV and KML of a survey.
  • Audible alarms through the  mobile application. (DMD, RT, Fault, Warning)   
  • Low mobile device battery level sound indication.
  • Disconnected device sound indication.


RMLD-CS App is compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices with the below specifications:

  • Android – 5.5 Inches and above, OS – 7.0 and above.
  • iOS – 4.7 Inches and above, OS – 11.0 and above.


Click below for the appropriate operating system manual:

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App Privacy Policy

Detecto Pak-Infrared+ (DP-IR+™)

The DP-IR+ is the latest generation of leak survey instruments from Heath that will greatly improve the productivity and safety of a walking/ mobile survey because of high sensitivity and fast response. It is an extremely sensitive, advanced leak detector capable of detecting methane without false alarming on other gases. The DP-IR+ operates under a variety of environmental conditions including cold or hot weather. Its rugged design will stand up to normal field use and operating conditions.

The new DP-IR+ Application “App” provides an easy way for users to connect to Heath DP-IR+ devices via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and capture survey data. Available for both iOS and Android platforms. For more information on the App click here.

DP-IR+™ App

The DP-IR+ Application “App” provides an easy way for users to connect to Heath DP-IR+ devices via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and capture survey data. This free app includes the following capabilities:

  • Search for nearby DP-IR+ devices.
  • Connect to a device.
  • Configure breadcrumb logging interval.
  • Configure application alarm thresholds.
  • Perform surface and bar hole surveys.
  • View the methane gas value in PPM or %Gas concentration.
  • Turn the pump on or off.
  • Switch the device during a survey.
  • Pause or end a survey.
  • View trail on the map along with leak pins.
  • Share CSV, KML and zip files containing the survey data.


DP-IR+ App is compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices with the below specifications:

  • Android – 5.5 Inches and above, OS – 7.0 and above.
  • iOS – 4.7 Inches and above, OS – 11.0 and above.


Click below for the appropriate operating system manual:

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App Privacy Policy

Optical Methane Detector (OMD™)

The Optical Methane Detector (OMD) uses advanced infrared technology to conduct mobile inspections of buried natural gas distribution, transmission, and gathering pipelines. The OMD is front mounted on a vehicle and calibrated by the driver or technician from inside the vehicle eliminating potential hazards such as explosive calibration gases. Leak indications are both audible and visual inside the vehicle at concentrations of less than 1 part per million (ppm) at 10,000 measurements per second. Data can be sent to a data logger or translated to a ground positioning satellite (GPS) system.

Gasurveyor 700 Multi-Gas Detectors

The Gasurveyor 700 series is a highly configurable, user-friendly, infrared gas detection device suitable for all gas utility applications. The natural gas discrimination feature allows you to quickly determine the source of the gas, whether it’s a pipeline gas leak or naturally occurring biogas; saving time and reducing detection related costs. The Gasurveyor offers data-logging functionality with optional GPS mapping to simplify data gathering. The cloud based Instrument Management System (IMS) provides access to field usage reports, calibration history, investigation mapping and more.

Features Include:

  • LEL & Volume Gas (infrared)
  • Optional sensors including: PPM, O2, CO, H2S
  • Barhole mode – configurable
  • Soft-key operation
  • Communication: IrDA & optional Bluetooth
  • 360° Alarms
  • Lightweight and rugged
  • Ingress protection – IP55
  • Alkaline or rechargeable battery options

Gasurveyor 500 Series

The Gasurveyor 500 Series is the most flexible range of gas detectors available from GMI. By simple selection of hardware and software options, the instrument can be readily configured to suit any department, including Construction, Leak Survey and Customer Service. Available ranges can be selected including PPM through LEL and Volume Gas, Oxygen, CO, and H2S to ensure that your exact requirements are met. All of the Gasurveyor 500 Series are dual mode instruments, making them suitable for both surveying work and confined space.

Hi Flow 2

Hi-Flow 2

The Hi-Flow 2 utilizes Tunable Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS) for the accurate measurement of the fugitive methane with direct quantification of leaks in the 0.001 to 25 CFM range with accuracy better than 5%. This device uses state-of-the-art flow and gas sensing technologies that are integrated into a handheld unit for accurate measurement during established LDAR programs.

For ultimate flexibility, the SEMTECH® HI-FLOW 2 is separated into:

Sampler – Handheld device with a high-volume vacuum sampling fan and total flow rate monitor.

Analyzer – Portable control module (which can be carried, placed on the floor, or mounted to a backpack) housing the gas sensor technologies, control electronics, and battery pack.

The combination of these two components (with a variety of sampling adapters) allows the entire fugitive methane emission to be captured, diluted and quantified accurately.

Designed for intuitive and convenient operation:

  • Modern Wi-Fi web-based GUI interface with manual override and LED status indicators
  • Up to 200 Whr battery pack for uninterrupted daily operation
  • Lightweight and flexible umbilical connections between various components to access those hard-to-reach places
  • Detachable shoulder strap


GFM Complete

Gas Flow Meter 2.0 (GFM)

The Gas Flow Meter 2.0  (GFM) is a portable, battery-powered direct measurement instrument designed to determine an accurate leak rate from various pipe connectors, valves, compressor rod packings/seals and storage tank emissions typically found at  compressor stations, production wells, processing, storage, LNG, regulator and city gate stations in a natural gas environment. 

Fugitive emissions from can be captured by sampling at a high flow rate, where both gas and air pass through the sampler allowing measurement of gas concentration and flow rate. A small-sized Non-Dispersion Infrared (NDIR) optical sensor with a wide temperature range of –40 to 140°F measures the concentration of natural gas with great accuracy and resolution down to 0.005 SCFM or 0.15 LPM. 

The GFM is installed in a case and can be attached to a backpack harness, leaving the operator’s hands free for use when climbing stairs and descending into confined spaces or use without the backpack harness to hand carry for simple jobs. Use the GFM wirelessly with an Android phone (version 6.0 or higher) to display technical information or assume control of the instrument. Record data by the press of a button as well as a photo of the component in question, if the operator wants to report both across communication channels. Reception distance is up to 15 feet with low energy consumption allowing uninterrupted measurements for approximately 14 hours.




Hazardous Area Intrinsic Safety Evaluation, Testing and Certification is currently underway by UL LLC.

EyeCGas® 2.0 Optical Gas Imaging Camera

EyeCGas® 2.0 is a rugged, OOOOa compliant, hand-held camera that uses thermal imaging technology for the detection of gas leaks and fugitive emissions. Based on market feedback and customer requests, improvements were made to include the following:

Better Connectivity – EyeCGas 2.0 is the most connected OGI camera in the world. With video streaming and download via WiFi and bluetooth integration with 3rd party software and devices, EyeCGas 2.0 can act as a hotspot for mobile device access or connect to a selected WLAN network for ease of use.

Better Safety – EyeCGas 2.0 was designed specifically for the harsh environments of the Oil and Gas industry; the camera is extremely rugged, robust, and is sealed for severe outdoor industrial conditions.  EyeCGas 2.0 was certified to meet IEC standards for temperature, humidity, vibration, dust and water intrusion. EyeCGas 2.0 is the only camera certified for use in Class I Div 2 hazardous environments.


ANSI/ISA-12.12.01, UL1604 and CSA C22.2 No. 213-M1987  

Better Sensitivity – With NETD of <10mK , EyeCGas 2.0 can detect 0.35 g/hr of Methane and is fully certified to meet OOOOa requirements. The camera allows to vision modes: Normal and Enhanced, and a unique replaceable spectral filter allows detection of different gas types.

Better Usability – EyeCGas 2.0 offers true smart LDAR operations by using a patent protected Bluetooth integration with Method 21 Analyzers. In addition, EyeCGas 2.0 offers wireless integration with leading LDAR software, allowing real time component tag synchronization, and easy association between components, images and videos.

Better Versatility- with its new thermography mode, EyeCGas 2.0 is now offering the possibility for accurate temperature measurement, 6 color pallets, and an option for easy export of radiometric data.

EyeCSite – Quantitative Optical Gas Imaging (QOGI) Software for EyeCGas OGI Solutions

Manufacturer Product Support Page

EyeCSite® QOGI Software

EyeCSite® is the industry-leading quantification software, offering a wide-range of functionalities that detects, alerts and quantifies emissions in a very simplified and user-friendly interface, without the need for a close contact analyzer; in real-time and offline. In addition, the software enables you to pull off a full report with all the alerts at the end of an inspection.

EyeCSite is available as an explosion proof tablet or laptop, which connect wirelessly to the EyeCGas 2.0 or EyeCGas Mini OGI cameras.

EyeCGas® Mini

Uncooled Thermal Camera for Optical Gas Imaging (OGI)

EyeCGas® Mini is a compact, handheld and user-friendly uncooled OGI camera for gas leak detection. The Mini comes in multiple models, which, using different kind of filters, can detect Methane, SF6, Ammonia, HFC Refrigerants and more.

Feature-rich, this small handheld camera allows wireless communication, data streaming, image fusion, thermography, video & audio recordings, and more. Compact and durable, the EyeCGas Mini revolutionizes the way inspections are held.

Product Features

Simple to Operate
Simple and easy operation with minimal training

Thermography Mode
Thermographic imaging & color palettes for better versatility

EyeCSite Software integration enabling accurate measurements

Built-in GPS allows location identification of leaks

Fusion Mode
Image fusion (day and thermal) for improved orientation

Long Operating Time
More than 5 hours operating time

* Quantification will be available in the near future.

Why EyeCGas Mini?

EyeCGas is a product of choice for service companies and regulators around the globe. It allows for safe, quick, and cost effective detection of fugitive emissions. For more information or a quote, contact us today.

EyeCSite – Quantitative Optical Gas Imaging (QOGI) Software for EyeCGas OGI Solutions

Plunger Bars

Heath Plunger Bars are specially designed to outperform all others. Plunger Bars have a fitted piston rod for maximum safety and dependability as well as a unique piston action for easy removal of the rod. The Plunger Bar is ideal for a number of applications including, test holes, sub-soil determination, tree feeding, and temporary grounding rods.

Mobile Kits

For mobile DP4 or mobile DP-IR leak survey you will need a Mobile Kit. The kit is mounted at a suitable point inside the vehicle. This unit may be powered by the vehicle electrical system by means of a cable/plug which is included in the mobile unit installation kit.

The sample system made up of two or more rubber cones hanging down from the bumper about 1½” – 2” from the pavement, to sample the atmosphere as close to the surface of the ground as possible. This system picks up a continuous sample at the surface of the ground at points selected by the driver, and conveys it by means of tygon tubing to the Gast pump.

EI-5 Ethane Gas Identifier

EI-5 Ethane Gas Identifier

The EI‐5 Ethane Gas Identifier is a portable combustible gas analyzer designed to differentiate between gas distributed by a utility and naturally occurring gas often present in the ground or subsurface structures. Ethane is present in significant concentrations in distributed natural gas but is not present in naturally occurring gases such as marsh gas, soil gas, landfill gas, and sewer gas. This makes ethane an excellent “tracer” in determining the presence of distributed versus naturally occurring gas. The EI‐5 detects and separates the ethane content in a natural gas sample to approximately 20 ppm.
Ruggedly constructed for field applications, the Heath Ethane Identifier is relatively unaffected by ambient temperature conditions, and will operate approximately 12 hours. Usually, the detection and analysis of ethane is accomplished in a laboratory by using a gas chromatograph. There are, however, specific occasions when it is impossible or impractical to “trap” a sample and send it to a laboratory. The Heath Ethane Identifier fulfills this requirement with quick, accurate indications, right in the field. It has a built-in pump, data-logging, export capabilities and color graphical display. The EI-5 can detect Ethane in a 800 ppm sample of natural gas  containing 2% Ethane by volume.


ATLaS Leak Survey Software

Heath’s Advanced Tracking, Locating and Sensitivity (ATLaS) software is available for use with DP-IR™ Mobile Kit and OMD™
to provide leak indications, data logging and GPS tracking. This simple to use software offers single button connection with
breadcrumb trails, live map and incoming data display, one data point every second (minimum), creates KML files and more.
Algorithm parameters are configured for each instrument. The enhanced detection algorithms improve the current OMD
detection threshold to approximately 0.5 ppm and eliminates incorrect alarm level settings.


  • Unique features based on instrument and survey method
  • Provide secure access and control for data capture, data retention/access and data traceability
  • Provide post analysis for quality control, survey management and completion
  • You own the data
  • Creates KML files for use with most GIS software
  • Integrated WiFi/modem and GPS
  • Requires Windows 10 operating system


Therm-App TH - Thermal Imaging Camera

Therm-App® TH Thermal Imaging Camera

The innovative Therm-App® TH transforms an Android smartphone into a professional, highly capable and constantly evolving thermography tool. Take accurate temperature measurements, share the images and videos quickly and easily. Key features include manual and auto temperature scales, multiple color palettes, threshold hot/cold marking, instant sharing, professional PC analysis and reporting software and more.

384*288 Pixels of Superb Image Quality
With its large thermal sensor and high 384*288 pixel resolution, Therm-App® TH provides excellent performance. Therm-App® TH provides you with the best image quality needed for your professional requirements.

Compact and Lightweight
Why use cumbersome, costly and complex tools, when you can opt for an affordable and convenient device coupled with outstanding performance? Therm-App® combines all the advantages of high quality thermal sensors with the powerful computing power of Android devices. All these benefits are packed in a compact and lightweight thermography tool.

User Friendly, Touchscreen Advantages
Leveraging modern smartphones’ high quality, high definition, and responsive touchscreens, Therm-App® TH for thermography provides the best user experience a professional thermal imager can provide. With Therm-App® TH for thermography, you get instant, high quality images and touchscreen performance you can trust.

Update Your Thermographic Data — On Time
Now you can use your smartphone to update your thermographic data instantly, enabling you to provide fast, efficient, and effective service. Therm-App® TH saves you time by enabling thermal images and videos to be uploaded to DropBox or emailed from the site. Now your data can be up to date, all the time.

Professional Thermographic Analysis & Reports
Therm-App® TH’s professional software features a full set of radiometric capabilities, enabling you to organize and evaluate infrared images and generate in-depth reports.

Get Therm-App Updates via Google Play

With Google Play, your Therm-App® TH application will be updated with new features as soon as they’ve been released. Now staying up to date is easy — and doesn’t cost you extra. Therm-App® TH offers ongoing value long after purchase.