ATLaS Leak Survey Software

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Heath’s Advanced Tracking, Locating and Sensitivity (ATLaS) software is available for use with DP-IR™ Mobile Kit and OMD™
to provide leak indications, data logging and GPS tracking. This simple to use software offers single button connection with
breadcrumb trails, live map and incoming data display, one data point every second (minimum), creates KML files and more.
Algorithm parameters are configured for each instrument. The enhanced detection algorithms improve the current OMD
detection threshold to approximately 0.5 ppm and eliminates incorrect alarm level settings.


  • Unique features based on instrument and survey method
  • Provide secure access and control for data capture, data retention/access and data traceability
  • Provide post analysis for quality control, survey management and completion
  • You own the data
  • Creates KML files for use with most GIS software
  • Integrated WiFi/modem and GPS
  • Requires Windows 10 operating system


  • ATLaS OMD Mount