DP-IR Trainer™

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    The Heath DP-IR Leak Survey Trainer is an emulation system that uses augmented reality technology to simulate live gas leaks. The Trainer is a safe, cost efficient and easy to use application to enhance classroom understanding on the use of the DP-IR instrument for gas survey.

    Simulator training creates safe environments that allow students to learn by doing. This has proven to achieve long term learning retention rates of 75% – 95%. Simulators are used for rapid training of new equipment or methods, refresher training for experienced workers, training on complex procedures and inside environments that are too dangerous to train in real-life.

    Train leak surveyors without the use of live gas

    Setup simple to complex training scenarios

    Configurable leak location and characterization for above and below ground spread

    DP-IR emulator which replicates the actual instrument

    Post training session review with GPS Breadcrumb Trail