Gas Flow Meter 2.0 (GFM)

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The Gas Flow Meter 2.0  (GFM) is a portable, battery-powered direct measurement instrument designed to determine an accurate leak rate from various pipe connectors, valves, compressor rod packings/seals and storage tank emissions typically found at  compressor stations, production wells, processing, storage, LNG, regulator and city gate stations in a natural gas environment. 

Fugitive emissions from can be captured by sampling at a high flow rate, where both gas and air pass through the sampler allowing measurement of gas concentration and flow rate. A small-sized Non-Dispersion Infrared (NDIR) optical sensor with a wide temperature range of –40 to 140°F measures the concentration of natural gas with great accuracy and resolution down to 0.005 SCFM or 0.15 LPM. 

The GFM is installed in a case and can be attached to a backpack harness, leaving the operator’s hands free for use when climbing stairs and descending into confined spaces or use without the backpack harness to hand carry for simple jobs. Use the GFM wirelessly with an Android phone (version 6.0 or higher) to display technical information or assume control of the instrument. Record data by the press of a button as well as a photo of the component in question, if the operator wants to report both across communication channels. Reception distance is up to 15 feet with low energy consumption allowing uninterrupted measurements for approximately 14 hours.




Hazardous Area Intrinsic Safety Evaluation, Testing and Certification is currently underway by UL LLC.

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