MobileGuard™ – Advanced Vehicle Leak Detection System

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    The MobileGuard gas leak detection system consists of a methane/ethane analyzer, GPS, a sonic anemometer and proprietary leak detection software that presents real-time geospatial maps of multiple gas concentrations. The software’s sophisticated leak detection algorithm combines the system’s measurements of gas concentrations (CH4, C2H6), local coordinates (GPS) and local wind velocity (sonic anemometer) to estimate the leak location. Readings are stored in the device and can be transmitted in real-time to the Cloud for centralized monitoring.

    The MobileGuard gas leak detection system uses ABB’s patented LGR Off-Axis Integrated Cavity Output Spectroscopy (OA-ICOS) technique which has a sensitivity and precision more than 3,000 times greater than legacy methods. This enables identification of leaks several hundred feet away from the source.

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