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The RMLD-CS App provides an easy way for users to connect Heath RMLD-CS devices via Bluetooth (BLE) and capture survey data. This includes the following:

  • Search for nearby RMLD-CS devices.
  • Connect to a device.
  • Select a GPS Logging rate option.
  • Start a new survey.
  • View the CH4 and Peak CH4 value on the screen.
  • Log details of observed leaks including the location.
  • Switch between RMLD-CS devices during a survey.
  • Pause or end the survey.
  • View the trail on a map.
  • Download the CSV and KML file, or a zip file containing the CSV and KML of a survey.
  • Audible alarms through the  mobile application. (DMD, RT, Fault, Warning)   
  • Low mobile device battery level sound indication.
  • Disconnected device sound indication.


RMLD-CS App is compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices with the below specifications:

  • Android – 5.5 Inches and above, OS – 7.0 and above.
  • iOS – 4.7 Inches and above, OS – 11.0 and above.


Click below for the appropriate operating system manual:

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