vLoc Pro Series Locators

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The vLocPro2 and vLocML2 Utility Line Locators provides market-leading reliability with simplistic functionality in a lightweight carbon-fiber and ABS instrument. It’s color display demonstrates the well-designed software with intuitive menus which allow the user to customize the locator as necessary.

The 5 watt transmitter has multiple frequencies, signal direction and sheath fault locating modes. The 10 watt transmitter has our maximum number of frequencies, together with signal direction and sheath fault locating modes. Once the target line is located you can use the compass feature to quickly trace the line by following the compass line.  It has a fast, dual-core processor and outstanding locating functionality using twin peak antennas, left/ right guidance with null antenna, line orientation with compass antenna, automatic depth and current measurement.

The software supports optional Bluetooth for GPS for longitude and latitude and displays all the information on a large color display.