Leak Detection

Heath has been a trusted name since 1933 as the leading provider of services to the midstream, upstream and downstream marketplaces. We also offer advanced leak screening services for the detection of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Since our inception we have committed to continually improving our field techniques with an in-house training department focused on providing the best field training in the industry to our technicians.

Heath’s highly qualified and experienced management team provides a strong direction that focuses on customer service and satisfaction. We have an excellent track record with utilities throughout the United States and abroad.  Our extensive experience, local presence and dedicated regional recruiters allow us to meet project coordination, scheduling needs and staffing requirements. Currently, Heath employs over 1,100 field technicians in the United States who specialize in the utility services industry.

Innovation and an active research and development team consisting of engineers and marketing experts keep up with the ever-changing technology demands to provide state-of-the-art products to our field technicians and customers allowing the most reliable surveys possible.

Heath natural gas detection services include:

  • Walking and mobile leak detection
  • Transmission and distribution patrols
  • Frost and winter patrols
  • Indoor meter surveys
  • Pipe/bridge crossing inspections
  • Leak centering and classification
  • Leak pinpointing and purging
  • Leak rechecks
  • Greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) detection
  • Training programs