Methane Emissions


Natural gas leaks can pose potentially hazardous situations to the safety of people, the environment, and property. At Heath, we understand the importance of addressing gas leaks promptly and efficiently. Our skilled technicians are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and software to detect and locate leaks quickly and accurately, ensuring the safety of everyone involved. Since 1933, we have been providing exceptional methane emissions surveys and related services throughout the United States.

We offer competitive leak detection programs and related services to meet the needs of our clients. Our gas leak survey program includes full project coordination, we prioritize communication, quality assurance, customer service, and safety. We adhere to federal, state, and customer guidelines to ensure compliance, system operation, and public safety during our gas system survey inspections. Trust us to keep your communities safe.

Heath's Methane Emissions Services VideoHeath’s Upstream, Midstream and Downstream services include:

  • Walking, mobile and advanced mobile leak detection
  • Frost and winter patrols
  • Indoor meter surveys
  • Pipe/bridge crossing inspections
  • Leak centering and classification
  • Leak pinpointing and purging
  • Leak rechecks
  • Greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) detection
  • Leak quantification
  • Training programs
Advance Mobile Leak Detection (AMLD)

Our Advanced Mobile Leak Detection (AMLD) service is set to change the game for gas utilities. With faster and more reliable data, AMLD can solve a range of issues such as safety, quality, emissions reductions, and cost-efficiencies. Our decades of field experience combined with advanced mobile leak detection technology have allowed us to develop a best-in-class solution that improves efficiency and accuracy. By partnering with our clients and understanding their unique needs, we can implement a customized project solution that meets their success criteria. With AMLD, gas utilities can gain additional value and insight into their assets, making it an essential tool for any gas utility looking to improve their operations.

With AMLD, you can breathe a sigh of relief as it is an advanced mobile leak detection solution that measures atmospheric and meteorological conditions, along with methane plume signatures. Our dynamic algorithms compute the likely location and emissions rates of natural gas leaks while screening out false-positive indications. The system takes advantage of varying atmospheric conditions, including wind direction, wind speed, and atmospheric stability, to produce aggregate results, thus providing comprehensive territory coverage. AMLD uses multiple measurement sessions run over the same region, ensuring that you get accurate and reliable results. With our AMLD solution, you can detect even the smallest of leaks, ensuring that you stay compliant with regulations and enhance your environmental stewardship efforts.