Heath can provide training to the utility industry with experienced and dedicated professionals. Heath offers both classroom and “hands – on” training and testing. It doesn’t matter if you have a Heath instruments or use a competitor model, Heath’s training can be specific to the subject matter or generic. Basic and/or advanced methods are taught to beginners and experienced individuals including refresher or reinforcement training. Heath can help in providing data to assist in your Operator Qualification (OQ) program for the instruments you are using to the field procedures that are being implemented.

Areas of training include:

  • Natural Gas or Propane Leakage Detection: Basic to advanced procedures in the use of instrumentation to field procedures including centering, pinpointing and leak classification.
  • Odor Complaint/Investigation: Proper use and procedures to detect gas leakage.
  • Underground Facility Mark-Out (Pipe and Cable Locating): Following NULCA/CGA Best Practices, an individual will learn grounding, what frequency to use, differences between conductive and inductive and the basic principles to locating.
  • Sniff Test: Proper use and procedures, plus discussion on odor quality issues that can occur.
  • Incident/Accident Investigation: Basic steps and procedures to investigate facts and circumstances of an incident that has occurred in your system.
  • Corrosion: Whether it is above, below ground or in water Heath has the experience in detection and remediation to control corrosion.